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Paulo is not the only one to go this summer, many are unlucky at Juventus

Dibalin's brother as a match: Paulo is not the only one going this summer, many are unhappy at Juventus

Atletico offered him contract for five terms with a salary of 9 million euros a year, many English clubs are also interested, Manchester United is written most often, although it is not certain that it is only that. Paulo Dibala this summer to leave Turin. Especially for information La Stampe they will Massimilian Alegre are offered a new contract with a small rise to the current salary of 7.5 million euros. Because he is Alegri, claims Dibalin brother Gustavo, the reason why Paulo want to go from the Old Lady for all the costs.

And not just Dibala, ensure Gustavo and rooting fire among Juventus supporters.
"Let's say Paulo is no longer happy in Turin. Like many other Juventus players. This is not the only one to leave"It says Gustavo Dibala in an interview for the Argentina radio program Futbolemiko.

It is about rumors Cristiano Ronaldo "Oterao" Depended The club says they are only partially correct, as the CR7 is released Paula by the team, but just because it Alegri he decided to play with two strikers and sacrifice Argentina.
"No, there is no problem with Cristian outside the court. The problems are on the ground only. Paulo does not play, and in the years he has to play".

Does that mean that Dibala certainly go?
"Yes, there are good opportunities to leave from Juventus. Change is needed. I don't know where it will be, but I know it's not happy anymore".

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