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Oh, we did not buy that Pavkov …


Oh, we did not buy that Pavkov ...

The formula is very simple. You put two goals to Liverpool at the Champions League and the whole world will talk about you. Nothing harder, nothing on paper is easier. Two goals, for European conditions, are semi-unknown to someone mentioned in elite football circles.

Milan Pavkov it became a star overnight. It's enough to score that goal to Alison Becker, the goalkeeper that Liverpool gave him all his fortune. He's talking about it. And he says. Not only in Serbia. Far from that.

Of course news about this success has arrived Pavkova and for people and teams who had already wanted to bring it to their ranks. Especially when a solid attacker from Red Star to Radnicki from Ness and backdropped.

Say, the Turkish media reminds that Trabzon is close to bringing her in Pavkova this year. Allegedly, the Turkish team was supposed to pay € 2,000,000 for Pavkova, (referred to from other sources of the amount of € 800,000 and a contract to a player of 400,000 euros per term) all were agreed, but the realization did not happen because Buraka Jilmaza.

The attacker had to go Pavkov It came and that did not happen. Truly, Jilmaz is still a Trabzon Worker attacker.
"Pavkov destroyed himself Liverpool on Tuesday. He gave both goals, and the other goal was the goal in the Champions League"says the Turkish media.

Trabzon is not the only club he is Pavkov came into a link. There was also Spanish Cadiz, a team of Segunda. Motion i Pavkova a Spanish re-runner was worth 700,000 euros. The wish of this team was to bring a former attacker Nizhny Radnicki to a one-year loan, with compulsory redemption at the end of the season.

That did not happen.

Truly, Pavkov he could finish in the Polish championship in 2017. Jagielonia had an interest, but she gave her up for the last minute for money. The choice was yes Milan Pavkov worn jersey Jagjelonia, to come to the loan, and in the end the Polish team will pay 500,000 euros for mandatory reprint.

Jagielonia broke and eventually decided to bring her Siliana Sheridan, Irish, from Omonia. Of course, it was more profitable, he came in, signed a two-year agreement. He is still a player of Jagannonia.

There's no end to him. In January of this year, great conditions Milan Pavkov Leader of the second Turkish Umraniyespor site proposed. The Turks ordered by the intermediaries Pavkov what can I offer it? The Turks were willing to pay a solid amount for a six-month loan, and discuss purchases during the summer. In the end, this was not done.

Pavkov He had a number of proposals, and in the end he stayed at Star Star. He succeeded in gaining his place under the sun, and against Liverpool he had an opportunity, mainly due to the Richmond Boachi injury. And he made the most of it.

It's probably not possible to have had a better moment to "choose" because of its current deal with the star in summer 2019.
"This (the new contract) has dropped through the media only. No officer is offered yet"Pavkov told reporters after the game.

We'll see how it will look. One thing is clear, many of these clubs complain that they did not bring it after Liverpool.

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