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NOW LOOKING! Korona hara, and at the DARKO LAZIĆ New Year performance, the audience can bring PROSCIUTTO, TEA, ajvar, cucumbers …


Darko Lazić has arranged a performance for New Year’s Eve 2021 in Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where visitors have the opportunity to take snacks with them.

Cheese, kulen, smoked ham, pechenitsa, tea sausage, prosciutto, boiled eggs, kajmak, funny salad, pickles, olives, ajvar and homemade cheese can all be brought to the disco, which is written ‘ clearly on the ad for this performance.

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Bookings are widely booked, and judging by the comments on social networks, the interest is high. The ticket costs 20 marks convertible or 10 euros, and for VIP seats 50 marks is convertible, which is 25 euros. The organizers also announced that all protection measures would be taken because of the corona virus, so people at the entrance would first disinfect their hands and shoes, and the distance between the tables was being considered. The singer himself is on his own

Instagram profile posted the working New Year. “Let’s go,” the singer wrote.

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Followers comments were followed. Some supported what he was doing during the pandemic, while others condemned it.

– What kind of welcome? Everything is closed, and you are thinking of welcoming. Terrible. There is no point singing and people getting sick afterwards. You are only interested in money – this is one of the comments.

But there were also some who support Darko’s desire to sing for the New Year.

– Today I will provide a ticket and bring a pig and lamb, so whoever likes to sit at my table – can read another comment.

We tried to contact Lazic, but he did not answer our calls.

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Courier / LJILJANA STANIŠIĆ, Photo: Ata Images


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