Tuesday , December 1 2020

Novak’s season is over – A huge advantage over his fellow players, here’s how much money he earned!

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic finished this season on the ATP tour, of course, and this time as the first on the roster, which is a great fact.

He will have more than 2000 points more than Rafael Nadal, who finishes the season in second place with 9850 points. That is exactly why his absence from the final of the final masters in London today is important, he would have been much closer to Novak if he had won, even if he had still celebrated in the final.

The rookie will be at 12030 points.

Dominic Tim is definitely staying in third place, but he could come very close to Rafael Nadal if he beats Medvedev today and if that happens, the difference will be 225 points.

But, to return to Novak, the Serb has an open path to one of his goals, and those are the biggest weeks on the ATP list as the first in the history of the ATP tour, which would prove to be the biggest ever.

We’ll look for others in the Grand Slams, hopefully Novak will have at least four more by the end of his career, but also that Nadal won’t win again. For Federer, we’re not sure what form he’ll return.

Novak said this season was “fine” for him, but then he corrected himself by saying he was a first in the world and that the season was exceptional. Australia, Cincinnati, Rome and Dubai won, played in the Roland Garros finals.

Do you know which single tennis player has won multiple tournaments this season? That’s Andrei Rublev, he defeated Hamburg, St Petersburg, Vienna, Doha and Adelaide. Yet, it is clear that none of these are from the 1000 series.

Novak is currently the tennis player who earned the most money this season on the ATP tour, and will end the season with 6.51 million dollars. Dominic Tim is behind him at the moment, but he could overtake him if there was a victory against Medvedev today.

Rafa is only 3.93 million this season.

So, another season to remember, but it’s a shame we didn’t watch Wimbledon because Novak was definitely the favorite there, but also because of everything that happened at the US Open.


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