Tuesday , January 26 2021

Nailing whining – reflection of masochism? VIDEO

Nails are an unpleasant practice in children, and according to some figures, as many as 60 per cent of children in childhood are a reflection of masochism because of the emotional problem and the inability to remove the motivation for themselves, says The pediatrician Biljana Lui.

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Photo: Koldunova_Anna / Depositphotos

Photo: Koldunova_Anna / Depositphotos

Ruminants are sometimes depressing adults and a habit that passes over for a limited time. However, if the child is a veal, the situation is going to grip and affect health – there are nail braids, nail claws, redness on the nails, infection …

Luieva said in the show "In the first place" TV Prve stressed that it is necessary to observe the child and see when he works, give her support, and he should not criticize her in any way. If the problem persists for several months, please contact a psychologist.

If children chew on the cloves, permanent fatigue occurs. If you take a child to hand, it can help. Our experiences show that this stimulates the girls to give her the best, and we also had one boy who was pouring out of the nails and who helped her not to nail nail now, says Rajko Sekuli cosmetician.

He drew attention to the fact that babies and young children were very important to properly seal the nails in order not to lift, certain infections and bacteriological processes. In the baby's teeth, nails are cut into round scissors, cut straight, just a little rounded on the edges. For two years, two and a half years, children can smell their nails with snacks and files, as using scissors can lead to splitting the nail hut, he added.

If there are treats, I always recommend olive oil. We get a little warm and give towels. Cuticle should not be treated with alcohol, they should give hydrogen or octenisept and flogocide. He proved a good word, he said.

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