Friday , May 27 2022

Mina gives stunning details: He's allegedly been Mika's drugs for three days and offered her money for sex! | Telegraph


Petru Minu listened to explaining that he had been drugged with Miki and was alone for three days, and later asked her for a sexual service for money.

Miki Đuričić, Photo: A. Nalbantjan

– Ultimately, the last day, my mother draws my phone, and she says we're lying, we do not need money for surgery, but the time and then went into the room and asked me if I'd fish for € 500. I'll pack here and go. It is disgraceful. And he says he's just 500 euros for the surgery. Nobody had to give us money and an uncle had to get a loan. I was tired of me. I will all be on the table and I will say. You know how to go out, Miki says, so something is important. And I'll tell him, "So why not tell this rest then?" We got drunk, and? Was I with you? No. Did you ask me? Yes, "said Mina.

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