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MILJAN (24) HAVE TO BUILD ON THE STREET AND TO LOOK! He came to buy flowers for the wedding, and then went ill! SPORTS ARE NOT THE LIFE OF Black Chronicle


Miljan Z. from Leskovac's vicar died a few minutes ago in the Department of Emergency Medicine in Leskovac of the General Hospital, and the causes of sudden death are only guessed, confirming Jugmedii from several sources.

"The emergency center was brought without breathing and heartless symptoms. Doctors did everything it resuscitated, but unfortunately it was not brought back to life," said Aleksandar Stojanovic, assistant director of the hospital. , in the statement for Jugmedia.

Before this great tragedy before the battle for the life of a young man in front of Kris mobil shop in Mose Pijade Street in the center of Leskovac, about 11.30.

Eyewitnesses say they were shocked and convinced that the boy would survive.

photo: Facebook

"I was sitting in front of the bar, and a boy I knew from the city, he came and his girlfriend in. It says he has come to buy flowers in the bar next to me, because tomorrow I was married to a wedding, and came to see me and a phone .She was in front of the shop and wore to shake, saying it was difficult for him the man brought water flowers and sugar to him, but he was attacked and began to suck.

He managed to open his mouth, but eat it. The young man breathed until an ambulance came, said Igor.

"The girl arrived, she knew her and kissed her, and she was hit again by a panic attack." When the ambulance arrived, he took some measurements and put it together in his vehicle. I've saved my life.

photo: Marina Lopičić

The causes of death are not yet known. Some claim that a young man alleged to have swallowed a heavy drug bag, even claiming to have seen that act, however, our co-ordinator who tried to save his life says he doesn't know he got such a marriage.

Doctors could not even confirm or deny the news of a drug that was swallowed, but they were ordered to have an emergency autopsy.

"Emergency compensation was ordered and the police were informed," Stankovic notes.

Otherwise, in an unfortunate young man's pocket, a bag of green matter was found, which will be given to analysis, as well as some money.



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