Saturday , May 28 2022

Medal of Honor for the Milan Festival Festival for "250 Stairs"



About the "250 Steps" documentary, a story about the generation of basketball players who won the World Junior Championship in Bormio in 1987, the PGM netvork team won an honors degree in the 36th "FICS" international sports video festival.

This is where the film came to compete for winning the Grand Prix, and the decision on the winner of the Milan festival will be officially announced on Monday November 19th.

The Milan projection followed Aleksandar Djordjevic one of the actors and the film, football legend Dejan Stankovic, as well as the participants of SP in Bormio in 1987, a former nationalist of Italian Davide Pine and the selector of this generation, Felipe Faina.

– – I'm happy about the team that worked this movie. I know that you have made a lot of effort, that it takes a lot of "gymnastics" to tell this story. Through the story of these legendary basketball players, the viewer can feel the emotion and digestion of a great team of Bormio – he says Stankovic.

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