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Marin substitutes for De Jong, Ajax pays 12 million euros


Marin substitutes for De Jong, Ajax pays 12 million euros

That's what the big club does. One player goes for big money, immediately we get a new one. Much cheaper. Given that Ajax has proved herself to work with talents, it is also likely to arrive this time and to be right that the situation Frenki de Jonga, when the Dutch national team in Barcelona, Divorced Marine.

According to local media, a Telegraph very rarely when they were wrong, Koblenics organized a deal with Belgian Standard colleagues and “cut” the national centralized embroidered Romanian team. At the expense of the club, Liege will transfer € 12 million, and the 22-year-old will sign the contract for five seasons. Sufficient time to show whether we can play the same or similar De Jong, was sold to the Catalans according to formula 75 million + 11 million.

Marin The Coplanig leaders seized their eyes in August, during the Ajax and Standard in the playoffs to qualify for the Champions League. They continued to follow its development, and did what they saw in the next few months on the Pro League landscape and in the European League group period that they were decisive.
"Very good player. The strength of the ball, performing spectacular, covers the last midfield player and the middle, is very good going to both places. It's dynamic, it's the best of the best binders in the Belgian championship t"Vitorula first described Constanta Hollande Thing Vormer, the current captain, Bruges, who has led several times with a direct duo with the new Ajax player.

Razvan Marin This season set five goals, and detailed statisticians corrected 1535 correct bands third on the players list with the most detailed additions in the Belgian league.

This is especially appreciated in Johan Cruyff Arena.


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