Monday , March 1 2021

MAKING MAKING SERBIA LONGER DEPARTMENT BY BOGATE AUSTRIANS: Jewelery, silver and luxury products from the families that worked for it! ON THIS RECORD THAT ALL APPLIED Black Chronicle

Radica S. (51) of Braniceva, immediately from Golubac, was arrested in Austria because she was bringing money, jewelery and other luxury from the Austrian law homes in the Klosterneuburg area.

According to the Austrian media, since 2015, Radica has held large sums of money, jewelery and other sharp goods from its employers, where she worked as a house cleaner.

By searching for his apartment, the police found that watching, jewelery and other interesting goods had been stolen by the accused of nine where he worked.

The Radica S. (51) Case was arrested and kept.

Radica was discovered when he was shot by a camera in one of the houses and is now facing a long prison sentence.



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