Tuesday , August 9 2022

Luka Jovic is a keeper – 20 in the season! (FIDEO)


Luka Jovic is a keeper - 20 in the season! (FIDEO)

Only when it seems slowly slowed down, Luka Jovic again remind me of the machine-nod! In the game back in the 16th European League final, the Serb led a 1: 0 Intelligence against Shakhtar.

It's 23 minutes Jovic He responded greatly to the center Yes, Koste and fires an incredible blast to the net Pjatova. A Ukrainian goalkeeper did not have any chance to protect the great blast of the Serbian attacker …

Jovic Here's the 20th goal in the season in 28 Bundesliga and Europa League games. In both competitions is the best shooter. In the Bundesliga scored 14 and six goals in the Europa League. Add to this and five championships in Europe and Europe and you find a figure that is Jovic almost all goals achieve or set a goal. And they do not play in Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Bayern, Juventus or other massive people that solve the networks and competitors, but in firm and moderate Intentity.

Serbian attacker's amazing balance, and only mid February …

(Photograph: Reuters)

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