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LŠ: Rome celebrated in Moscow, the first first of Valencia Soccer


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07. November 2018. 20:55

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Roma CSKA, while a Spanish team hit the first win against Young Boys

Roma football players beat Moscow 2-1 CSKA Moscow in the fourth round of Group G of the Champions League.

Roma gave the third victory, the first in the board with nine points and close to the tie of the competition, while CSKA was third with four points.

The Italian team was already in the fourth minute, and Kostas Manolas's "empowered" goal by the homekeeper Igor Akinfeev. The ball thought badly after the corner by Lorenzo Pelegrini, so Manolas was not too difficult to pass the ball into the net.

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Arnor Sigurdson was equalized in the 50 minutes after Ilsat Ahmetov's small throw.

Only six minutes later, CSKA remained less on the field as Hordur Magnuson made another yellow card after Justine Clayvert defeated.

Roma used the numerical advantage on the field very quickly. Pelegrini was Sagittarius in the 59 minutes.

Real Madrid and CSKA will welcome Roma players in the next round of Victoria Plzen.

Valencia's footballers won their game at Young Boys Field 3: 1 in the fourth round of Group H and thus won the first winner in the Champions League.

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Valencia is currently the second in the board with five points, while Yang Boys is still victorious with a single score point being the final in the table.

He scored two goals for the winning team by Santi Mina in the 14th and 42 minutes, and Carlos Soler scored in the 56 minute minute. Roser Asale scored a challenge for Young Boys in the 37 minute minute.

Valencia in the next round is visiting Juventus, while Young Boys goes to Manchester United.

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