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LEKARI UPOZORAVAJU! Don't ignore pain in your spine, you may have a break into the Health Spleen


May 21, 2019 08:00 |

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If you have back pain getting worse while standing and walking, your mobility and your flexibility will be reduced and your being worn, there may be damage to the spine column because of less bone density

Compression cuts of vertebra and the spine is one of the most common complications t osteoporosis. The breaks are in the form of micropokotins which, over time, are becoming increasingly apparent, creating chronic pain that intensifies. Two-thirds of those who have broken the spine don't even know they have. Pain, reduced mobility and the onset of disfigurement are mistaken for muscle extensions or the normal part of aging, and this makes it difficult to diagnose.

What causes pain in the back column?

Under the influence of weight, there are innocent falls, and even minor movements such as massage and laughter, micro-cracks are formed on vertebra and the back. Over time, these cracks are growing, so the spray can not withstand the burden of the spine column that it carries, and our germination is, in more detail, it gets press it from the top to the bottom. Then it can be sudden, strong pain, which eventually becomes chronic.

Sprains that have been damaged from such over time make the spine mutilated under its own weight, eventually leading to disfigurement in the people known as “widow”. cut ”. However, even when someone does not have pain and other symptoms, loss at a height of several centimeters annually may be a sure sign that compressive cuts have been.

"It is important to note that if we do not respond in time, compressive cuts of the spleen can heal, causing breathing problems, and even neurological symptoms such as tingling, spasms, function of sensory impairment and impairments. sensory, "the doctors warn.

The best way to prevent spinal fracture is strengthen the bones and improving the mineral bone density. Calcium, fed with bone food, gives strength and makes them resistant to cuts, but this is impossible if there is not enough vitamin D3. Namely, in order to concentrate calcium and its incorporation into the bone, t vitamin K2 is necessary. In the absence of vitamin K2, calcium is not rooted in the bone, but it is given in soft tissues like cartilage of joints. The results of this are twofold: the bones become porous and easier to break, and the joints become painful and prone to decomposition.

A number of these clinical trials confirmed: t Vitamin K2 contributes to reducing bone lossin some cases it even helps to increase bone mass. The evidence gathered from seven Japanese trials suggests that the addition of vitamin K2 contributes to a reduction of 60 per cent of spinal fractures.

Herbiko® K2D3 is a natural preparation that contains the most optimal form of vitamin K2, and is recreated high. Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 is a powerful combination that contributes to reducing the risk of osteoporosis, and reducing the risk of spinal fracture.


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