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Lazanski: The great technical-tech technique of the Serbian army


Lazanski: The great technical-tech technique of the Serbian army

Having 8,000 army members in the field, in brigade exercises, is not a bit bigger for larger countries

Twenty years since the great victory in the First World War, Serbia is the location of the biggest war-filing military exercises ever since our new army existed. There are about 8,000 members, 645 fighting systems, with 100 tanks, 100 combatant vehicles, 100 artillery and rocket systems, both terrestrial and PVO, take part in fourteen placement movements across the country, from north to south. The General Staff moved to a place during the war, riding on the general scoring and falling on several military bases, the eagles and the G-4 fighter pilot scheme were on the air, 29 miles were moved, six magically-29, Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters as well as "gazelles" armed with "mallutka" anti-tank missiles. On Tisa, they hired and dumped miners from the "harmless" armed class with a canon of two new 30mm balls on the arch, shipping ships and patrol ships. At Lake Zvornik, the commandos that landed amphibians were interesting. Underwater referrals were also associated with the protection of the river fleet on Tisa. The pontoon units were part of the work, the bridge was laid across the river, and after a long time we could see the tanks go over a bridge that includes elements that are being launched o lori. The exercises were attended by all the brigade soldiers, as well as the 72nd Special Brigade.

What is definitely good news in relation to some of the earlier movements and exercises is that the movement of complete units of fast-time settings to the training room or exercise rooms are maintained through Transformational methods, while M-84 tanks, M-80 forestry fighting vehicles have been transported by trains and railways. In the earlier years, simple troops would only bring troops of the armed units into Pasuljan meadows in trucks, or buses, to sit there for five years, where there were five to six M-84 and MVP-80 armed vehicles M-80 has locked there. And yet it's not the same as when you have to go with a drain on a tow train, or on a rail wagon. Especially not the same when you do not travel on training land, or do not shoot from your tank.

From the tools and tools that have been seen so far, the largest military exercises in the history of modern Serbia, the self-mobile campaign of domestic production "nora B-52", vehicle fighting & # 39 ; The "Lazar-3" babies attract attention, and two new "pasars-16" or "terminator" PVO systems. True, M-84 tanks have not been modernized since 1990, M-80 Fighting Vehicles have also been operating since 1990, but now it is busy. From the fighting models of the JNA, there were M-84 tanks, M-80 infant combat vehicles, 122mm "iron" self-movable gangs, mobile gears of the Giraff system, the " Cub "PVO, but have modernized, all of the arsenal JNA, Eagle and G-4 aircraft, as well as Mi-8 and" gazelles "helicopters come from the JNA arsenal. There is also a river war fleet of the JNA, pontoneries and amphibian arsenal, the new rubber double vessels, the Chinese gift. New boat reefs, new rifle minima and night optoelectronics devices, each of the "1500" program, as well as equipment and weapons for emergency intervention units were also seen. Night optoelectronics will increase the ability to fight the army for night fighting.

The exercises showed that "nora B-52" self-obstructive fires really fired in our country, not just in Myramar, Kenya and Bangladesh, who bought them, and that the new projectile auto-charger on "Crazy B-52" pass the exam. I do not know how much we are doing at least the simulation of the "digital battalion" in these exercises. It sounds modern, "declared" and "interactive". Some think the technology can distribute the "fog of war". So there is an idea to form a "digital" battalion against conventional moving forces. The American experience shows that such a battalion, which has incredible technical devices, has achieved boring results because its soldiers have had difficulty with heavy and time-consuming equipment It is necessary to enter data. In addition, most of the current conflicts are hot beds fighting from the guerrilla war, inter-ethnic networks, or terrorism. No computer screens can convey the perfect information, whether the enemy soldiers are tired, hungry, or scared only. If the tank is in the vicinity of the hospital, we need more firm opinion on the soldier than a computer technique, because at present we do not have almost any "surgical" stroke. "Fagot", "Maverick" …

The creation of capable fighting forces requires decades of investment and effort. It is not necessary, out of fashion, to hurry up with the military revolution before clearing devolution issues, or centralizing the power of the armed forces. Ideas to restore units have been strictly equipped, at least one armed brigade. What's still depends on the total number of tanks in the army, because we also have mechanical brigades where tanks are also present.

Thus, the Serbia Army practiced, because it practiced these days Europe as a whole. The Serbian Army has shown a technical-technological leap development, good training and high level of martial technique. The issue of 8,000 soldiers on the ground, in the brigade exercises, is not a matter for larger countries. As the final operations of the First World War began with the arrival of the Serbian army at the front of Thessaloniki, a series of military exercises this year expires with the Serbia Army.

Source Politika, November 11, 2018

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