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Jokic, Bjelica na nuli wins – Sports


There were also moderate performance (Serbian) basketball players in the NBA league games, and the only positive thing is to return to Bogdan Bogdanovic field after a long break due to knee surgery.


Nikola Jokić scored only four free throws to Denver in 25 minutes, while Nemanja Bjelica did not record a basket in 19 minutes on the floor.

Denver lost to Memphis (87:89) and Nikola Jokic failed the troika in the final moments to win the Nagets. What's out of this failure is much more to worry about Mother Melun's coach and the fact that Jokic was the first to be seated in the final moments towards the opponent's basket. Although in July, he signed a new five-year contract with a £ 148 million club, Jokic does not give a start-up party as expected from the first Denver center. If there is a problem with fellow members of the Jokić team or another puzzle, says Meloun, he has to resolve as soon as possible.

– I'll have to see the video and find out what his teammates were doing to start once. Here's the third and fourth game that does not shoot. It's really unusual, and Memphis is great in defensive … Of course, I'd like to shoot more, but at the moment it does not work and we need to understand why, "said Meloun .

East African leader lost Sacramento, the Toronto team (105: 114), and Nemanja Bjelica had no worst point in the King's team. Bogdanovic scored seven points and one helped in 18 minutes, which is moderate, but on the other hand it is quite acceptable after a long recovery of injury.

Jokic fined $ 25,000 for a "no homo" statement

According to NBA's Executive Vice President, Kiki Vandevege, Nikolic Jokic sentenced to 25,000 dollars for an inappropriate declaration after a game between Denver and Chicago on October 31st. Jokic told the duelies with Vendel Carter being impractical using the "homo" slang, which is why it's wrong to the LGBT population.

– It's spooky and worthwhile. He plays a very strong basketball. When we played with them for the first time, he was shooting with committees. Now, it was calm and two triples … "No man," it's longer than you expect, "said Jokic.

The American media estimates that the Jokic statement is more due to lack of knowledge of English, not intentions.

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