Wednesday , December 8 2021

Jagma Investor for the actions of the "Nikola Tesla Airport"


The total turnover in trading was 564.8 million dinars (almost 4.8 million euros), mainly the state debt securities are predominantly earned.

Belgrade Stock Exchange

The BELEX15 index continued to grow, earning 0.3 percent to 749.36 points, while BELEXline slips down the minimum and trading closed at the level of 1.560.54 points.

Aerodrom shares "Nikola Tesla" increased by quarter to 1.700 dinars, and recorded the highest turnover in a trade equivalent to approximately 24.1 million dinars.

Mešer Tehnogas's technical gas producer and distributor stayed at the 11,000 RSD level with the realization of 1.8 million RSD, while the Serbia Petroleum Industry, which led the winners of the day with a 1.2 percent increase to RSD 693, was traded for 1, 6 million or dinars.

Fair trade was also recorded by the Belgrade Institute for Foreign Languages, totaling around 0.6 million dinars, but with a 9.1 per cent reduction to 8,000 men.

Gornji Milanovac Metalac has finished trading day with a 0.2 per cent gain, at 2.039 dinars level, with a turnover of 0.4 million dinars.

Komercijalna Banka's ordinary shares were traded for about 0.2 million diners at a price without a change of 2,100 dinars, while Energoprojekt Entel weakened from 5.0 per cent to 13,300 wheels, with a reality of 0.1 million dinars.

Foreign investors took part in the total stock market turnover with a 41.18 per cent share, with an inflexible percentage of sales, which was sold at 81.81 per cent.

Dinar bonds of the RSO18171 series, which were paid in January 2023, recorded an RSD turnover of 535.6 million.

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