Monday , June 27 2022

Ivana Španović finished on the po * po site!



04.12.2020. 13:48 – 04.12.2020. 14:00

Serbian athlete and former European champion Ivana Španović, as well as proudly representing her country in various competitions, can boast the title of one of the most beautiful women in sport.

Ivana Španović

Ivana Španović, Photo: Hello / Vladimir Marković

The fact that Ivana’s video hit one of the adult content websites shows that celebrities are usually targeted by inversions.

Namely, someone was filming with a mobile phone while he was complaining during one of his jumps, and now amateur video has appeared on one of the “notorious” 18+ sites.

Ivana is in a happy relationship with Miloš Vulet, they live and train together in Novi Sad, and we want her to recover as quickly as possible from all the difficulties she has been experiencing recently .

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