Thursday , May 26 2022

In Semberija cheaper fuel, soon in other parts of the Srpska Republic


In Semberija cheaper fuel, soon in other parts of the Srpska Republic

– Republika Srpska drivers are likely to be released financially, as the fuel at the gas stations at RS is expected to be cheaper in the next few days, and confirmed by "Nezavisni".

The wave of gasoline and diesel "cutting" prices have already reached Semberia, and the same trend should be recorded in other parts of the RS.

"According to the information obtained from large oil and petroleum distributors in the Srpska Republic, some distributors in the Semberija region have reduced fuel prices, while this week is expected to reduce fuel prices at gas stations in other parts of the Srpska Republic" Nezavisne "by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism RS.

Owners of gas stations in the FBiH are already adjusting prices to a large extent, and now this should happen in Republika Srpska, where the local pumps will do what their colleagues have to do in the environment at the end draw.

However, the Group for Oil and Petroleum Republic of Srpska Republic said yesterday that fuel in the RS is still the cheapest in the region.

"With the new price correction, distributors in the FBiH are still higher than distributors in the Srpska Republic, an average of about seven flu of the liter of fuel," said the group.

As they add, the recent drop in the Restart Refinery has influenced that diesel is not currently available in this refinery, and that there are only fewer fuels that are circulated, so distributors are in the RS is forced to buy diesel fuel at higher prices in refineries in an environment.

"If the refineries in the environment are lower than the price of fuel (what can be expected), distributors in the RS will immediately reduce fuel prices at gas stations," said Zoran Berak, secretary of the Oil Products Group and Petroleum in the RS Chamber of Commerce.

The price of fuel has already been recorded in all our surrounding countries. The Montenegrin Economy Ministry announced that the fuel in that country was cheaper yesterday for three to four euros.

Data from the Croatian Economic Ministry confirms, since yesterday, in the Croatian gas stations, that fuel is pumped at much more favorable prices. In Serbia, drivers can breathe.

"Fuel is cheaper, and all forecasts indicate that gasoline derivative prices will fall over the days and next weeks," said Serbian Energy Minister Aleksandar Antic.


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