Friday , August 19 2022

Huawei took second place in the Technology tablets market


Digitalimes Research published a survey on the slate devices market in the first quarter of the year, and so Apple remains at the forefront of this market.

However, according to this study, there was a change in second position. Samsung Huawei replaced second, thanks to its MediaPad brand, SEEbiz portal reported.

Microsoft and Lenovo also mention Digitalimes Research, apart from Apple and Huawei and Samsung.

Global provision

Global tablet classes in the first quarter of the year were 37.15 million copies, down 12.9 percent every quarter, but growth of 13.8 a year, reports Tanjug.

For the chip maker, the main producer is Qualcomm, while MediaTek is second.

During the second quarter, supplies are expected to decline by 8.9 per cent on a quarterly basis and a reduction of 8.7 per cent per annum.

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