Tuesday , August 16 2022

How many cars in one minute are made by the largest manufacturers in the world


Nearly 100 million new cars are produced in the world every year.

Photo: Toyota promo

Photo: Toyota promo

Individually, China is by far the largest car maker on the planet, with around 25.7 million vehicles produced each year, according to the site MoneyShake.com.

48.9 cars are produced in this country every minute. This is more than in the next three countries combined – USA (20.7), Japan (18.4) and Germany (8.9).

For car companies, most vehicles are made in one minute at Toyota plants (19.9), and then at Volkswagen Group factories (19.8).

Source: MoneyShake.com

Source: MoneyShake.com

Trea is Hyundai’s South Korean automotive group, with 13.7 cars produced every minute. fourth is General Motors (13) and fifth is Ford (12.2).

It is followed by Nissan (11), which is listed separately on this list, although it is in a group with the French company Renault, followed by Honda (10), FCA (8.8), Renault (7.9) and PSA (6.9).

If we were to add the performance of Nissan and Renault, their group would make 18.9 cars per minute, and they would rank third on this list, just behind Toyota and Volkswagen.

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