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HOPE ON THE ACCOUNTS IN BELGRADD IS USE DOCUMENTS AND MEMBERS: When she received the letter, she stayed in SHOCK! (PHOTO) | News



Photo: Dado Đilas, Printscreen Facebook

Here's a story about anonymous heroes, and those you meet almost daily, and their work is more than a lot of filling in the newspaper. It's about Rasa Jovanovic, a man who lost his job two years before retiring and then having to sell raw materials, find documents that have been stolen one day …

"I used to speak Slovene, but I forgot a bit, so I'll write to you in Serbia, but Latin reads easier. You're likely to speak sprskohrvatski well. , and according to the name Nadica you may come from eastern parts.

I'm Jovanovic Rasa, your generation, 1963 year from the Belgrade vicinity, and gradually collect secondary raw materials in the center of Belgrade (aluminum, cans, fruit), small plastic bottles and plugs. I'll sell it, I'll support myself in the past three years since I lost my work in my city. The companies that are bankrupt and I am two years leaving retirement, and I have to overcome this, you know how hard the veterans employ in Serbia, my academic education is vain.

When walking down the street on Wednesday late at night from the container to the container pulls the cans and the rest, in one directly across the main railway station on the top I find scattered documents, through some newspapers, not supported. I look more cautious and I see that they are personalized by a woman who is probably being knocked out of Belgrade jackets and then thrown away.

I do not want to be a lazy person, I can collect everything that can be found carefully, I can collect it in a bag, the address to look at my face, find a address or phone number and definitely trying to give it to the owner.

I think that this is a city, especially when I saw that it was a foreign citizen and how many of these documents and cards meant. I, myself, four years ago on a local bus have lost all wallets with all the documents and I know how painful this situation is.

First of all, I thought to send you a registered post to a house in Kocevje, but I'm not sure how much you are staying in Serbia, so it seems to me that & # 39; It is the most effective for us to present it through the Slovenian emigrant in Belgrade which will be easier for you to find. I am particularly, dear Nado, sentimental towards Slovenia and especially to Kočevje, for just 40 years ago, you served the army in Ljubljana on Bežigrad.

Often our officers led to exercises, movements and camps to the south of Ljubljana, (some places) where we saw and made an enemy on watch. In those years, I have also learned Slovene because of women and girls (Ljubljana) women, later, Dear Nada, I was a little boy (boy) very proud of Slovenia's beauty, and after the closing date I had left another week to enjoy the Bled to Maribor peace.

Therefore, I'm even more desirable to be urine about Slovenia and at the same time it is shameful that some fellow citizens (pirates) are so sorry strawberry! I am convinced that you will get my admission and a message quickly to watch your wallet next time, I want you to shine retirement days. It would be nice to let me know if you received a post.

Jovanović Raša ", has completed the letter, later published by a cousin from Slovenia, whose documents are.



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