Wednesday , July 6 2022

GOOD IN THE CITY Bridges and Autocombs Patients


Cramps in traffic 07.11.Photo: Naxi Camera / screenshot

Traffic jams are recorded on several autumn city bridges, but also on Autokomanda, taxi drivers say.

– This morning citizens can expect crowds in Pont Branko towards the city, as well as on the Pancevo Bridge. The Gazelle had closed in both directions recently, now it has cleared, but traffic for those densities is still at stake – say in Taxi Belgrade.

AutocomandaPhoto: Naxi Camera / screenshot

They add with traffic in thickness and on Autokomanda to the direction towards the Highway.

– Standardly, it is crowded on Autokomanda in the direction of the Highway and we advise drivers to be patient – they said of the famous taxis urgent.

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