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November 11, 2018 09:15

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Celer is a great help in reducing high blood pressure, and is also known as a great diuretic

If you have problems with blood pressure, celery is a great help to decrease, and it is also known as the organism cleansing because it is a great diuretic. This root fetus diet also prevents disturbance and digestion disturbance. It's fine to eat fresh, like a salad.

Celery also applies to a plant that has the power to prevent chronic inflammation in the body, which we are not aware of, and can cause diabetes, and even Alzheimer's space.

Comprehensive 3-N-butylthathate, which prevents extensively effectively in maintaining normal cholesterol levels. At the same time it reduces the level of bad cholesterol.

Recent research has shown that rich celery diets increase the number and mobility of spermmatozoa, and it can also increase the level of sexual stimulus.

Celery is a perfect food that should be added to the diet if there is a desire to maintain or achieve a lane line, because there are very few calories in the fruit and the right legs.

The celery roots reduce blood sugar, and it also works well on hormones and successfully regulates menstruation.

Celery healing features have also been confirmed in treating a range of stress-related diseases, and it is effective if there were asthma, cold and throat. In addition to preventing flowering and problems with digestion, it also eliminates a bad breath.


Slery celery is really eliskir as all the active ingredients of this plant quickly reach the bloodstream. In addition to the mentioned health benefits, this drink can be used as an assistant in the treatment of rheumatism, gout, arthritis, associated with cardiovascular diseases, kidney and urinary pneumonia, urine infections, as well with increasing body pressure regulation. Put the first root and celery root, then squeeze the juice. You can spit it with a few flaws of lemon and some honey.

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