Tuesday , January 25 2022

Gagi Đogani has abused the dog, the singer announced


Denser Gagi Djogani responded to the announcement of the "Paparazzo Hunting" show, broadcast on Pinku, which will be shown to "abuse the pre-wife of Anabela Atijas".

Djogani called on Instagram to explain a video that shows how a dog is hitting the fruit, then picking it up and connecting it to the park.

He was sentenced for assaulting love

"As I am obviously interesting to my neighbors, so they even shoot me while I walk the dog and then they advertise it as a stunning news, I feel that I need to explain that announcement of the next love of Paparazzo. " Loli has been with me for a long time. He took me that night, she wanted to play and he was running with me. It was cold and I thought it was 15 minutes enough. She did not think that way, and I tried to catch her in the next half hour if I did not bring her into the house. When I finished, I stopped getting it for the skin on my back (you saw the cows were raising their young dogs and smaller dogs) and press the fingers as a penalty for not escaping in the future. It's not because it's hard for me to run out of it, but because of that it can run under the car. And that's all. So there is not much abuse. And yes – greet your neighbors, "Gagi Djogani wrote in Instagram, next to the picture that he created with you.

What do you say – is punishment of trout as a punishment and "catching the throat" of animal violence?

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