Saturday , June 25 2022

Footage of the collapse of the world’s second-largest radio telescope


Pictures show that the observatory collapsed when the cables it had connected to one of the towers were broken. The three aid towers dragged along with her in the fall.

Earlier, one of the assistants broke up in August, and then in November one of the main cables on the same tower.

Since then, the National Science Foundation, which owns the Arecibo Telescope, has been trying to figure out a way to disassemble the telescope, because there were it is clear that complete demolition could occur.

A big blow to the search for extraterrestrial life

In its 57 years of operation, Arecibo has hunted asteroids that could threaten the Earth, looked for signs of extraterrestrial life and discovered the first planet outside the solar system.

In 1974, the telescope sent the most powerful Earth signal ever sent in an attempt to establish communication with possible extraterrestrial life forms.

Four years ago, it received the first rapid burst of radio waves – a mysterious space signal that scientists now think comes from dying stars.

The telescope also became known to many people for serving as a movie set for one of the films in the James Bond series – A golden eye.

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