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Except in theaters, all of Warner Bros.’s new films will. ‘next year on HBO Max at the same time


Except in theaters, all of Warner Bros.’s new films will. next year airing on HBO Max at the same time

Nikola Jevremović

4. December 2020.

There has never been a worse year for the Dream Factory. For-profit investors poured a mountain of money into high-budget films and, as usual, waited for a fat payment. Don’t lie to the devil, COVID-19 knocked on all the doors of the world and suddenly closed the cinema hall, where a couple of hundreds of people sit for two and a half hours, it became a very unpopular place to socialize.

The initial countermeasures were to postpone the prime minister for some better days, when the pandemic passes. However, the global health crisis is not subsiding, and in the meantime, the phones are probably shining from “Sasha from the banks” various calls. New tactic followed – films broadcast on streaming extra-paid services (“Mulan” on the platform Disney +priced at $ 30). The epilogue was not particularly favorable, so the fate of this desperate achievement is minus 130 million dollars. Studio MGM tried to invest in it of the new “James Bond”vomiting by offering the film to everyone who saw it streaming platforms at a cost of $ 600 million. After the counter-proposal (also alleged) read “yes, but for 300”, negotiations failed …

Very limited capacity cinema or “give what you give” from HBO / Netflix / Amazon / Hulu …? As assessed by the authorities from Warner Bros. – both. There is no obstacle without a dark hall a Corona it won’t go anywhere, so there are no viewers without it streaming. So, it was decided that it would all movie productions scheduled for 2021, on both fronts at the same time. Internet distribution will be very limited, so HBO Max account holders will be able to watch the new movie on the day of the premiere, but it will only be available in the database for a month, after which it will temporarily evaporate from ‘ the proposal. We assume we will have a unique one each month next year, so that the influx of new subscribers is constant. All will be available in 4K in Ultra HD resolutions.

For local movie lovers, this news is important, for, as is usually the case, shortly after some realization appears streaming platforms, it also appears on (torrent * koh * koh entima * koh) somewhere else. For 2021, the following have been announced for the time being: The Little Things, Judas and the Black Messiah, Tom and Jerry, Godzilla vs Kong, Death of Kombat, Those Who Wish To Die, The Matching: The Devil Who Made Me, In The Height, Space Jam: A New Legacy, The Suicide Squad, Reminders, Malignant, Dunes, The Many Saints of Newark, King Richard, Cry Macho, i Matrix 4.

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