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Andjelka Prpić plays the new role of Ana Kolar, whose husband, a well-known Belgrade lawyer (Janko Popović Volarić), died in a fire. Six years after the accident, Ana received information that questions everything she thought she knew about the tragedy, but also about her family. At the same time, the sudden death of his daughter’s best friend pulls Inspector Dejan Štrpce (Ljubomir Bandović) into a chain of crimes, which began with the disappearance of a young lawyer six years ago. The two heroes begin a joint search for the truth that confronts them with a network of lies, blackmail, murders, but also dark secrets from their own past.

– The project or story always draws me to the project first. As soon as you read, you know what you’re dealing with. I swallowed Popović’s script in my breath, which excited me as a reader, and especially as an actor. I immediately thought it was too much for me, which I didn’t do. But what made me fall in love with this project is the duo – the director and the producer. Those are the hearts of two, Darko Nikolić and Marko Stanković, men you will only hear about. Darko’s faith and Marko’s enthusiasm, packed in a duet of Mapet, definitely tied me to “The Only Way Out” – says Andjelka.

Milan Čučilović, who plays Božović, the former police chief and boyfriend of Suzana (Danica Maksimović), claims that he was attracted to this film mainly by the great story, but also by the team, composed actors for writers.

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– Genre films are rarely shot in our country, so we should not miss out. By the way, it was not difficult to shoot any scene. Preparations were completed on time, rehearsals too, so the shooting went smoothly. I remember there were stunts on the set that I will never forget. For example, little Andrija, who plays Luka, called me grandfather all the time. Since Danica played her grandmother, the child has bonded nicely. I also remember the building on Povlen. In that wonderful house, we shot perhaps the most beautiful shots in the film – revealing Čučilović.

Prpić agrees with her colleague and claims he will also remember filming in Split and Povlen.

– We had the honor of filming in the house of the great Meštrović. I had a big problem in those days to fulfill all my business obligations. As life puts it nicely, during the filming I had arranged performances in Vienna and Salzburg, and later in America and Canada … I remember I barely managed to get to Split from Canada with transfers strong in the end. And that night before the whole team, so I had time to enjoy the wonderful specials. Otherwise, there are many stories of recording this realization. Often, the team knows how to make everyone on the set laugh. I will remember all the comment, and one tear from Dragančet who played security in the movie, which is his profession anyway. He said to me: “Kitty, when you made me cry, imagine what will happen in cinemas.”

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Andjelka points out that she feared the biggest scene with Andrija Bošković, who plays her son in the film.

– The relationship between Ana Kolar and her son Luka is somewhat alien to me, unknown. It was difficult for me to understand why they have such a cold relationship, at first glance, how she as a mother remains ambiguous. Andrija helped me a lot in those scenes. He became fully prepared, focused, nothing difficult or boring for him. Ma, a little genius, to my mother – the actress says by laughing.

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