Monday , January 24 2022

EL PIBEA’S BIG HEART: Maradona spent $ 10,000,000 a month, and when you see what else you’ll love about it


In former days, stories of his feats were told on the football rectangle, but also many dark secrets were revealed outside the sports arena.

Hand in hand, there are many who condemn El Pibe, but there seem to be more of those here for whom Diego was an idol.

And it is best to confirm how much Maradona had heart from the last story that comes to us from Argentina.

Namely, El Pibe earned a lot during his career and spent a lot, and it was now revealed that his monthly expenses were not only for parties and entertainment, as many believed, but that he supported more than 50 families – employees, friends, ex-wives to nearest families.

Argentine journalist Jorge Real revealed that because of this, Maradona has monthly expenses of as much as 10 million dollars (?), Because he receives various invitations – from Dubai to Belarus.

– Yes, Maradona was spending 10 million dollars a month … It doesn’t seem like much when talking about Maradona, but do you know what that number is? Which, more or less, was his fixed monthly expenses. Every month, they waited from his account, and you know that he himself talked about feeding 50 families – Rial pointed out and caused a lot of attention in the Argentine media.

After he died, the accounts were frozen and an important question arises.

– Who is going to pay for it now? Who will allocate 10 million dollars a month? Someone must … – Rial asked, but we are not refused an answer to that question.

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