Friday , August 19 2022

ECOS ON ECONOMIC IN BELGRADE! STUDENT THE PROSECUTION 10 RECOGNIZED BY THE POPOVIC TEACHER TO SELL A ISSUE! She wants to get her out of college, and here's how our News response


In the Faculty of Economics of Belgrade, this kind of first discipline was started today by Danica Popovic, a teacher in that faculty, who was a member of a recently held academic honor, that Popovic was not a contestant to talk about.

Student Aleksandar Jaksic, who has an average of 10 on master's studies, "suspects" Danica Popovic is "selling exams in the cabinet", and today claimed that these words were attributed to him.

Jakšić today is the first "handcuff" discipline in the faculty, and the next one can be expected within three weeks, when the witnesses have witnesses, but also when a video is shown in an address in the mentioned tribune, several repeated work and ready to polygraph to prove that he had appropriate words that he did not say – that Danica Popovic "sold exams in the cabinet".

Jaksic said he had said: "In my generation, there were students who told you publicly that you had written some cabinet degrees for some colleagues, without an exam time limit, without setting out, which is not only academic honor, "he said. He added that he immediately said he could not claim to be true, because he never saw him.

"And if I saw you, I'd report it safely to the authorities of the faculties and the universities," Jaksic said. He said that nobody had ever tried to "downgrade him to ward in a dishonest and just way that he did not do Professor Popovic," and instituted disciplinary proceedings against him.

He told the teacher that he was a "high minority" and that our society was a huge problem because he didn't have enough courage to say that people like Danica Popovic were a minority, because, as he pointed out, they were a high minority.

Jaksic said he would not be intimidated by his personal and prevented him from presenting his personal opinion.

"We can discuss whether the allegations in the controversial debate have weight or not, but my right is to make claims," ​​Jaksic said and announced, in order to protect everyone who's critical thinking, that the Office would t Rector requests changes to rules on student disciplinary responsibility.

He asked the committee what kind of person he would be if he did not respond in a situation where someone, in a panel in the Faculty of Economics, said we had to recognize the crimes in Srebrenica in order to be an academic honor. .

"Or, when someone says, when we see the appearance of Serbia's president, we don't know how anyone can vote for him," Jaksic said.

Professor Popovic said that it was not acceptable that Jaksic said she was "selling exams," adding that when she said, she asked to hear "to whom, how much money and when she sold the exams".

Professor Popovic's legal representatives said that each person was responsible for what he says, but also if he is passing other words that are not true.

Porfesorka asks Jaksic to leave the studio, while members of the commission say that only if someone was put into the threat of life, that's not true here.

Professor Popovic attended the first "hearing" as "witness", among others, the academic Dusan Teodorovic, journalist Ljiljana Smajlovic, Vladica Cvetkovic, Galjina Ognjanov, director of Biznis infop group Biljana Stepanovic.

From the commission, it was heard that the methods of student protest were led only in cases of rewriting the examination, or because of the use of mobile phones.


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