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Dynamic Partizan for the fifth in a row on the side

Dynamic Partizan about the fifth in a row on the side

Fifth wandering in the series – fifth victory. Partizan is familiar with playing outside Pionir and has kept his best performance. Black and white people went dynamically within the eighth round of Group B and easily came to terms with today's contestants. We can say that everything was sorted out after the first 10 minutes of the game, and in the end it was 91:62. Partizan scored first in group B. In this game, everything went hand in hand, and the defense was good. The trousers had a good timing, and all players recorded and put at least a basket.

Most wanted the game in Partizan ranks Stefan Jankovic (21 points) i Ognjen Jaramaz (12 points). Markus Paige he scored 11. A very good game Jankoviche scored three points for 4/6, and also had five rebates. Kutlešić i Djeric they led Dynamic with 12 points.

Partizan took power in this game, and the fact that black and white gave 35 points in the first quarter spoke enough for themselves, although they had no help this time. Джока Lendayla. It should be said that Dynamic has also played this weakened game – without standard champions Glišića, Vulikica i Savković were absent due to injuries.

As in the previous game, Stefan Jankovic he was also in a position to play Ognjen Jaramaz, so they are useful Alexei Nikolic and young people Twelve Tanaskovićblack and white people were already at half time with 20 differences. The score showed "Master" Zemun SC half time Partizan advantage 51:31.

Black and white people from the first minute had a real approach to the game, and they had failed in some of the games so far. Partizan also showed that his journey was not such a problem and they celebrated in the fifth game Superleague.

In the second half, Partizan immediately made clear to the opponent that he will not relax, Jankovic hit the tesome, and Jaramaz We are well behind the back for the enjoyment of all present.

As the game played, more and more of the appearance of the format doubled as the difference went to over 30 differences. New accommodation and a successful new game for black and white. For now, the team Andree Trinkijerija carry out work to plan.

SUPERLIGA SRBIJE: Dynamo – Partizan 62:91 (17:35, 14:16, 14:25)

Hall: Master, Zemun
Judges: Marko Juras, Alekandar Glisic, Aleksandar Milojevic

DINAMIK: Includes 4, aged 12, including 7, Veličković, Šalić 8, Vasiljević 4, Grbović 1, Kutlešić 12, Rakićević 10, Slijepčeć, Stepanović 4, Jovanović, Stepanović 4, Jovanović

PARTIZAN: Jaramaz 12, Marinkovic 2, S. Jankovic 21, N. Jankovic 7, Renfro 3, Pecarski 7, Tanaskovic 6, Trifunovic 4, Zagorac 7, Pusica 2, Nikolic 9, Pejdz 11


Zlatibor – OKK Beograd 74:87
/ Rondović 19 – Stanić 25 /

FMP – Red Star 62:77
/ Djordjevic 16 – Dobric 19 /

Dunav – Borac 72:80
/ Ivić 15 – Kočović 23 /


Dynamo – Partizan 62:91
/ Đerić 12 – S. Janković 21 /

19.00: Mega Bemax – Freedom
19.30: (2.15) Tamis (14.50) Novi Pazar (1.80)

Photo: Star Sport

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