Thursday , May 19 2022

Dress online / Scena / Šoubiznis / Nataša Bekvalac u najizazovnijem izdanju (PHOTO)


A beautiful singer has shared a photo with the public with a towel only.

youtube / Natasa Bekvalac Official

Nataša Bekvalac (Photo: Archives)

Nataša Bekvalac is one of the most beautiful and earliest singers on our public scene. Although she has two daughters, she is very attractive and handsome, and because of her unusual beauty she is also a barbie.

Natasha is mainly used to see elegant dresses and dress for the scene and performances. It often appears frustrating to the throat but it claims confidentiality.

However, he has now decided a different issue. On Instagram, Beckwalz put a picture on which she was just drawn.

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