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Don't get angry older, anger is healthier than hell

Anger and wrath are more harmful to the physical health of older people than feelings of sadness, and scientists say they can promote inflammatory processes associated with chronic illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis and cancer.

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Image / Image: Depositphotos / prometeus

Image / Image: Depositphotos / prometeus

Here are the results of a survey conducted on 226 citizens of Montreal 59 to 93 years, according to the Association of American Psychologists (APA) in Psychology and Aging.

Megan A. Barlow, Megan A. Barlow, of Concordia University, explains that in most cases anger is caused by the fact that most elderly people are no longer able to carry out all activities by they were younger in later years, some of them were severely affected by losing a spouse and their physical mobility she is no longer the same.

Barlow says that the study has shown that anger and anger in the elderly can lead to the development of chronic diseases, unlike sadness. She and her colleagues carried out a study to determine whether anger and sadness contribute to the development of inflammation, the organism's natural immune response to infections or tissue damage.

Inflammatory processes, which generally speak, help the body to protect against disease and contribute to the recovery of disease or improve tissue that is damaged, but has long term inflammation, to & # 39 Conversely, leading to chronic illness at the third age.

Scientists have grouped senior researchers (59-79 years) and senior older people, that is, those who are 80 years old. In a week, participants completed short questionnaires about how angry or sad they were.

The authors of the study of the auditors' blood samples decided whether they had developed some inflammation in their organs, and they had to answer the question of whether they had any chronic illness associated with the disease. the life in which they live.

The co-author of the study, Dr. Karsten Wroh, that the daily feeling of anger was associated with higher inflammatory parameters and chronic diseases when it came to people aged 80 and over, but the same did not apply to younger people. The study also showed that the feeling of chronic grief in any group was not linked to the development of chronic inflammation or illness.

Megan Barlow explained that old people's sadness can even help to adapt to the physical and cognitive decay that comes with age as it simply reconciles itself with the fact that some goals can no longer be realized.

The study suggests that not all negative emotions are bad in themselves, and in some circumstances they may become useful, he explained.

It is noted that the anger and emotion anger that anyone can motivate to achieve some life goals, so that older people should use them as an incentive to overcome life's challenges and losses that will eventually become help them stay healthier.

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