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Do you sweat sweat? The body shows signs that the net is wrong


When the body is usually cut, increasing sweating, regardless of age, can be an alarm that is not the net at all.

Source: B92, Dnevno.hr

Photo: Minervastock / depositphotos

Photo: Minervastock / depositphotos

There may be unusual and excessive sweating due to hypoglycaemia or too much caffeine. After the sweatshirts, one usually includes one of the following five reasons.

Lack of oxygen

The lack of oxygen is the most common cause of cold sweat. Make sure you take the next time you sweat in the cold. Is your breathing deep and easy or baskets and swelling? If you feel fluid with each breath then your body is likely to lose oxygen. Come out and walk.

Low blood levels

When you skip meals or if you have not slipped for a long time, the body responds. Lack of glucose in the blood means adrenaline production to try to compensate for the lack of food. Chronic hypoglycaemia is a serious medical problem, so if you suspect you, make sure to contact your doctor.

Problems with a thyroid bed

If you are constantly sweating under the fraud, whatever age, your skin suffers from hyperthyroidism or too active teeth. There is a severe hormone that determines how the body will use energy.

Unnecessary medicine

A variety of drugs, from antidepressants, to those for weight, from those with flu and cold can lead to sweating. Obnojenje and a web site are very important. It is advisable to keep away from caffeine and take care of how much food you enter into the body.


If you are excessive sweating in the pavement, in the face, in acacia and in the piece, you must contact your doctor. People with hyperthyroidism sweat four to five times longer during the day than people who do not have a problem. It's a good idea to find a way to reduce the tension. There is a cold caused syndrome, known as Crispon syndrome. It rarely happens and is believed to be caused by the CRLF1 gene mutation.

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