Monday , August 15 2022

"Do not make a honey, honey …" Chest left Saul's body Saban with his song lyrics to the grave (VIDEO). Telegraph


The song was dedicated to a wife, Gordana

"Do not make a honey, honey, I came, I'll come to you by midnight"

With these verses that have been buried today is great Šaban Šaulić, The a king of folk music, whose songs are much growing, celebrating and grieving.

They played Aleksandar Sofronijevic, Mirko Kodic, Misa Mijatovic, Borko Radivojevic and Zoran Jovanovic.

Those who Saulic was very dear and close today listened to pinnacles, disbelief and sadness.

Saulic's Goca is Loving Chest, Printskrin: Telegraph

When the gear is lowered to the ground, verses were sweeping. The last greetings of the nephew were crossed over tears covered with tears.

"My dear, every night alone,
every night, only in tears,
Do not cry, honey, I come
I'll come to you by midnight

The company & I do it, on a glass of wine.
at the time of wine, at the only thing,
Keep me pillow, and white face,
and white face, beauty "

Shaban published this song in 1984, and dedicated to his wife, Gordana.

Saulic was killed in a serious traffic accident that took place in Germany on February 17. This ended up for a career for five decades, just a few hours after the last performance.


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