Saturday , January 22 2022

Destroy the malignant gell at the speed of light


Tanjug / AP

British scientists have developed a virus that is genetically modified that kills cancer cells and destroys its hides. The virus developed by scientists at Oxford University assaults malign creations, carcinoma, the most common types of cancer.

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Currently, theories that kill cancer-related fibroblasts can also kill healthy fibroblasts (for example, in bone marrow and skin), and they are also toxic. That is why the Oxford scientists use a virus of the name & equinox; artificially erected to only contaminate cancer cells, and other healthy cells triggered.

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Dr Keri Fischer, British Institute of Oncology, Dr Chris Kercher, said, "even when we kill most cancer cells, fibroblasts can protect a small number of cells that can improve after recovery and to continue to reproduce successfully.

The new technique, which can protect cancer cells and fibroblasts that can protect them, in the near future could be an important step in overcoming the prevention of the immune system within the carcinoma, and could offer a response Normal to immunity to cancer – Dr Fischer explained, adding that this new method has already proved to be successful on the hips, but also on isolated human tumor cells. The virus is likely to be tested on people as early as next year.

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