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Demi Mur in relation to Serbian View


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November 8, 2018 22:18 |

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The American is now popular in relation to fashion stylist Masha Mandzuk, and has been in contact for over two years

VEST for the affiliate of the popular actress Demi Mur (56) is constantly unexpected of fans, although rumors have been circulating since the beginning of 2017. Indeed, the actor is almost three years in contact with Masha Mandzuk (43 ) Belgrade, but the couple rarely appear together in public.

Demi appears to have found happiness in love after several failed failures and three failed marriages. The American is now popular in connection with the Masha Mandzuk fashion stylist, and have been in a relationship for over two years, writing Radar online.

Masa was born in Serbia, but she is currently living in New York where she finishes her studies. He worked as a costume designer in the "Model Model" show, but also on sets of many popular films including La La Land who is winning an Oscar.

The couple care for Ruma's daughter, with each other, as the portal says, and the connection has been hidden since the secret since the public. Masha often spent her holiday with Demi and her family.

Last year he spent a couple of days together in Belgrade where they used to enjoy late last night.


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