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Cukaricki is convincing in Zemun, Backa Minecraft Minimum, Penalty Penalty, Progress in the Series (VIDEO)


Without Sabac goals in the Macva and Spartak game

Photograph: N. Negovanović

Zemun – Cukaricki 0: 3 (0: 1)

Belgrade – Stadium: a city in Zemun. Spectators: 200. Judge: Milan Ilic. Assistants: Milan Mihajlović and Goran Beljin. Yellow cards: Stojkovic, Lukovic (Zemun), Ovus, Dociic (Cukaricki). Shooters: 0: 1 Samuel Owens at 30, 0: 2 Ognjen Mudrinski at 74, 0: 3 Asmir Kajević at the 78 minutes.

ZEMUN: Milosevic, Cvetkovic (or 20. Azemovic), Toseski (or 55. Tomic), Vukadinovic, Zivkovic, Somab, Lukovic, Mrkaic, Milutinovic, Stojkovic (o Savic 70), Trajkovic.

ЧУКАРИЧКИ: Н. Stevanović, M. Stevanovic, Sapic, Kopitovic (or 46. Djuric), Bogosavac, Docić, Djordjevic (or 81. Kiso), Ovus, Birmancevic (or 68. Kajevic), Stojanovic, Mudrinski.

Cukaricki made a valuable victory in Zemun after a great game, mainly in the second half. It was the ninth victory of Brdjan, the second consecutive. Zemunci was only 13 minutes in the game, and a free kick was taken by Vukadinovic, who was shot on the right to Stevanovic of 17 meters.

Four minutes later, Cukaricki's first attempt was shot from the Docić 22-23 meters, and was shot off, and after the corner Zemun's goal was not at risk.

Cukaricki led 30 minutes. After a mistake by Tošeský, Ovus screwed the ball, and pulled to 16 meters and then shot it correctly to the left corner keeper – 0: 1.

Soon after, two attempts went from Zemun's distance, first in the 33 minutes of Vukadinovic, who kicked into Stevanovic, a minute later, after the strike by Stojkovic, went outside the Cukaricki goal.

Napredak celebrated in Banjica

Napredak's footballers today won the Banjica Rada team with 2: 0, in the 16th game of the Serbian Premier League. Napredak's goals have been fulfilled Aleksa Vukanović in the 19th and a Miloš Vulić in 42 minutes.

In the 40 minutes, Brđane, a very good opportunity, saw Docić Ovusu in the penalty area, focusing on the right hand side, Mudrinski was on the ball, but was not precise. Zivkovic made a good start in the first half of the first half, but Mrkaic was on the ball with his head, but it was almost wrong.

The first opportunity in the game was Mrkaic, who shot his head with about ten meters, but into Stevanovic. One minute later, a strong chance on the other side, but also Ovusu kicked into the objector's keeper.

Zemun had a fantastic opportunity in 61 minutes, his best player on this game Vukadinović was shot to 25 meters, but Stevanovic's parade stopped the ball from reaching the goal.

It was dangerous after the corner, but the ball did not measure the Somaba goal. Cukaricki could have doubled the advantage in the 67 minute minute, he had an opportunity on three occasions, the first shot of Mudrinski was bouncing, then Stojanovic, ultimately Djordjevic's best chance, but did not defeat Milosevic from 12 meters.

The biggest victory of Mladost vs Vojvodina

Youth players won their Vojvodina team in their 16th round Super League of Serbia game.

He scored the only goal on the game Aleksandar Pejović 34 minutes to the fan penalty. It's in front of it Tumbasevic the fifth fifth in Vojvodina Pavlovica, where he started from the back Sanicanin, and judge Lazar Lukic and showed him a yellow card for standing over the ball and blocking a free opponent's kick.

Kajevic Chance in the 70 minutes was the announcement of what would happen later. Montenegrin's national team, shortly after he came to the game instead of Birmancevic, withdrew the Zemun defense, but from a good position, at a distance of 14 meters, he passed past the goal of the host.

However, in the 74 minutes Mudrinski did not make a mistake. This time Ovus was a assistant, and added beautifully to the center of Cukaricki, who defeated Milosevic – 0: 2 on a regular basis. Four minutes later, the winner's question was definitely resolved.

The Bogosavac took the steps, he added to Stojanovic, this one who was employed by Kajevic. The Montenegrin was in an ideal position, but he was still right in the goalkeeper, who was a disgraceful response, and his ball came under his arm and ended in his net – 0: 3.

Four minutes before the end, Cukaricki was another great opportunity, but Stojanovic's shot was beautifully defended by Milosevic. For the time being, Mudrinski had the opportunity first, but was blocked, then Andević of the surrounding area allowed Milošević to celebrate.

Semifor 16th round Super League:


Proleter (NS) – Radnicki (Nis) 1: 2 (Covic 14 – Haskić 68fed, Lambulic 69)


Partizan – Radnik 2: 0 (Gomeš 42, Ivanović 89)

Zemun – Cukaricki 0: 3 (Ovus 28, Mudrinski 74, Kajevic 79)

OFK Backa – Vozdovac 1: 0 (Radinovic 90 + 1)

Macva – Spartak 0: 0

Dinamo (V) – Red Star 0: 3 (TheStojiljkovic 28, Babic 48, Simic 56)

Mladost – Vojvodina 1: 0 (Pejovic, 34th)

Rad – Napredak 0: 2 (Vukanovic 19, Vulic 42)

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