Saturday , October 1 2022

Cooperative 2: Miki Đuričić and Nataša Moskva under the quilt! (FIDEO) – Reality to TV – Zadruga – Dress


Bora Santana ac Nataša Moskva they enjoyed the hotel room, and soon joined Miki Djuricic. Moscow was very ambiguous in some situations, so it's possible to doubt that she has something hidden from the public between Mikija. He said,

"Miki, wing you have long fingers."

Djuricic she answered:

"You do not love me, you'll see where my hand is, so I'll respect Natasa, I'm not a citizen, so I'll respect you. You love to say that you are strong men , strong, I'm sorry to be mad. "

Nataša said that two of them had not been cold at all, she quickly came to Mikija and said he was "only terrestrial". Miki was curious:

"Are you too acceptable to me?"

When he asked him, he replied that both of them, and he added, would they let the coats hang on the coats. See how this conversation was going and what Miki replied to her.

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