Saturday , June 25 2022

Comments on “Looking for a good used car up to 5,000 euros? The Germans claim that these models are the best in that category”


  • Drayver

    I read and am baptized, but if this is SERBIA in the west, especially in Belgium, these French and Japanese sherpas that these experts drive around Serbia, have a license plate for not in the stop lanes and leave it to chance

  • Zagondzija

    I have an awtic peugeot 206 2.0 hdi 66kw 90ps 2004 diesel sports for ten hours now at 364000, apart from the last torsion and normal services, nothing has ever been on the car, the engine has not been touched,

  • Let’s not lie

    Realistically, there is no good car for 5,000 euros!

  • Where is Ford?

    What about the Ford Fiesta? Super autic 🙂

  • Yes

    Years ago, I drove French, changed a bit because I drove long distances and gained miles fast. There is nothing more expensive to maintain by the Germans and I can even say that they are cheaper because several manufacturers of “Aftermarkt” produce spare parts. Of course if you buy in Auto parts stores then The dryers are also expensive (letter to the west). And don’t forget that the Mini, BMW 1er carries THP and VTI engines (Peugeot-BMW collaboration) and the Mercedes A-Class carries dCi (pure Renault engine) diesel engines of course, TUV and ADAC praises its manufacturers (German manufacturers). You should come and ask the Mechanics in Germany to compare you and you will get the relevant information. As for the Japanese and the Koreans, they are right, ie German mechanics recommend them.

    • Dragons RS

      @Ja bre

      I totally agree with you. I have had PEUGEOT 307 HDI 2003 for 5 years. Great car no problems, small user! Small regular service and there we are. Only the front bulbs burn out quickly, but they are probably up to the front bulbs. I bought a 307 because my dad was 9 years old. The only serious malfunction he had was a sensor on the FAP filter. The Germans are quite sukpi AND NO BETTER THAN FRENCH.

  • How yes No

    Haha, the best Golf. Yes, and then the marmot wrapped the chocolate. Mitsubishi Pajero and Toyota Rav are a cult driving brand even for over 30 years. These aforementioned cans, driven by Fred Kremenko by running and carrying on his shoulders, should not be taken as gift (except for Toyota). Especially a golf cart for transporting cabbage and potatoes. Stick to the Japanese and make no mistake.

  • or me

    Audi a6 2008

  • Yes

    The Citroen C5 is not more comfortable, not even in premium class, durable in quality, let the Germans go

    • Girl


      And “cheap” to maintain.

    • Zoxy


      And even if it’s in the caravan version – cemetery, which is comfortable for carrying “travelers”

  • Mr. No.


  • sides

    I’m in favor of restarting production of spare trunk spare spark cap spark plug cables and the end of the world is going

  • Sides

    TUV favors VW worse than the Balkans.

  • doberman

    to the Japanese in vain and galvanizing and galvanizing, when they are cut here by ragweed and eaten with them.

  • Marko

    Import? Come on, how? And the director of the traffic safety agency does not exist, so how can vehicles be bought and imported? Aa aa aa this is Serbia …

  • Mr. Black

    Any Honda or Toyota in terms of lust and endurance. Everything else pretty much. Such a short answer, and so clear 🙂

    • Zoki

      @Mr Black

      It used to be …

    • Jevrem

      @Mr Black

      @Zoki, I wouldn’t say you’re familiar with what the Toyota Tundra, Sequoia for SUV, 5.7-liter and -force V-8 TRD is an irresistible term for durability, quality and everything. Also the 4 Runners, great. Toyota is the queen and it excels. Those who drive gas can’t tell me about Toyota. Whoever was with them knows what they are about. You will not see them often cut at the side of the road. The new Camry is the law for the family sedan if you don’t have the money for the Avalon which is the cheapest Lexus even though it has a Toyota emblem.


      @Mr Black

      What models are you talking about? For the US? For God’s sake, we’re in Europe too. There are NO such models here. Cuj Camry … Hahaha …

  • Viktor

    Another penny to collect ?

  • A dragon

    We cannot register any imports when they are imported for a month because there is no director of the traffic safety agency who would issue the certificate required for registration. And it seems that even today a respected director will not be elected

    • Black


      I also imported the cleared car customs, which was registered about three weeks ago, my friend.

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