Saturday , June 25 2022

Chinese spacecraft Chang’e 5 went back to Earth


China sent another mission to the moon on November 24, and the goal this time to bring samples of this heavenly body to Earth. Chang’e-5 finally reached the Earth’s satellite on December 1, and landed safely on its surface, only to take off again on December 3.

The Chang’e-5 robotic spacecraft departed from the Wenchang launch station on November 24 with the help of a Long March 5 rocket, and is expected to return to Earth in mid-December. Therefore, this mission should bring samples from the Moon, which last occurred 40 years ago, when American and Soviet expeditions brought material from Earth’s satellite. That’s how China should become a third country that has succeeded in this endeavor, and the mission is described as very complex.

The Chang’e-5 robotic capsule was able to collect samples. With the help of a lander, get out of the area Oceanus Procellarum was lifted as early as December 3, carrying the first fresh material since 1976. Six minutes later, she was in moon orbit. In the next step, the samples should be transfer to capsule returning to Earth, and is part of the Chang’e-5 orbiter. He will return to Earth take 112 hours, and the mission will enter the final phase after the samples have been transferred to the return capsule.


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