Monday , January 25 2021

Chinese became Koenigsegg co-owners –

The Chinese company NEVS has become the co-owner of Swedish Supercar Koenigsegg.

NEVS, who bought a "SAST" SAAB Sweden a few years ago, now owns 20% of the other maker of this Viking country.

Therefore, Keonigsegg received a $ 170 million capital injection to develop a new hyper-car.

In addition, NEVS will allow Koenigsegg access to production facilities in the city of Tolhatan Sweden, a Saab car rental facility.

Both companies have agreed an additional NEVS investment of another $ 170 million, which is 65% owned by the company, while Koenigsegg owns 35%, intellectual property, technology licenses and production design

Founder of the Swedish company, Kristijan von Kenigseg, stressed that this partnership will enable Koenigsegg to accelerate the development of the hypercar market and to join the market.

This co-operation could have the greatest impact on the development of the electrical Koenigsegg, since the majority of NEVS Evergrande Health's owner was recently owned by the majority of Shanghai CENAT's New Energy battery maker, which opens a substantial door to a Swedish manufacturer.

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