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By the advent of the best HUAWEI P series of phones with numerous benefits


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Again, Huawei justified his status as a leader in innovation and smartphones. At an event organized in the renewed area of ​​the Huawei Experience Shop at the Ušće Shopping Center, Huawei announced a great opportunity that will appeal to the most successful users of the smartphones Huawei.

Huawei has prepared a number of unexpected fans of innovative technology, first of all, that Huawei's Experience Shop is at the Ušće Shopping Center, which Huawei is committed to all the users in opening the brand premium brand.

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"We are pleased to have you again with us and follow the Huawei road, leading our way to the top, moving boundaries and setting trends. In meeting the phone number of our famous P series, we have Preparing an unexpected series for you, and the best mobile phone from the Huawei P series lets you breathe, "said Dragan Jovanović, Huawei's retail director.

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Indeed, Huawei has invited its biggest supporters to buy the best P-series mobile phone among the first, depending on the great experience with smart smartphones Huawei, as the new P is not yet available the global market. Anyone who chooses this movement in the period from 20.02.2019. until 10.03.2019. year, they get a precious gift from Huawei – SONY PLAYSTATION PS4 slim 500GB.

That's how the fans of Huawei, or 50 fastest, mobile phones will enjoy not only the phone that represents the latest global market achievement for innovative technologies, but also the gaming console famous. So, you do not need to know the features of the latest Huawei P phone, or the number of pixels of a camera, it's enough to know that the best P is coming!

Photo: Promo

The Huawei P series will prove its official chief official all over the world on March 26 this year at a ceremony in Paris, and the public eyes of the world's technology focus on this direction, waiting to reach the Huawei P P & # 39 handheld ; world class so far. Huawei's local representative office will mark the advent of the P Huawei series through the implementation of the Huawei Experience Shop at the Ušće Shopping Center, where all the guests will have a unique opportunity to see and try the best P up to date.

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