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Burroughs: Messi will play Argentina again Football


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November 15, 2018 11:52

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Lionel Messi's best Argentinian football will return to the next year's national team, believes that the director of the League, Horhe Burbuaga

The best Argentine footballer Lionel Messi will return to the team next year, believes that the director of the League, Horhe Burbuag.

Messi was not playing for the "gaucosos" after Mundial, where Argentina was being elapsed in the eighth final of the French champions (4: 3) later, but he was still not saying definitively that he has completed a representative career.

"There is currently no return date to Messiah, it's definitely not before New Year's Eve, it's impossible to play Argentina now, Messi is in the period meanwhile, and I'm sure he will be part of a team next year, "said Brugesaga at

Mesi had already withdrawn from the national team, but he changed his mind on the great desire to win the World Cup.

As well as the title of the world with Argentina, Messi loses a Copa America, who lost in the final even three times, and a new opportunity, if he wants, next year will be the continental championship in Brazil.

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