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Batsuji recommended to Chelsea, Luke cool as a sprinter (VIDEO)

Crystal Palace is Lester's Plashes: Chelsea Boats are recommended, Luke cool as Sprinter (VIDEO)

Selhurst Park can breathe, Crystal Palace has succeeded in safer waters through Pauer's King Stadium!

Kristal Palas used Lester's free fall, which made him a fifth goal in the previous six rounds, celebrating convincing 4: 1 (1: 0) and made a great job for the continuation of the season. It's not a team Roo Hodgson still calm down, but with this victory he made an important step forward to the elite survival of the island.

It is difficult to assess what happened to Lester, but this defeat gives a huge load on the back Kloda Puela. Only one point in the last and half months brought Lisice into a situation that he must seriously fear about his future if he continues to do so …

Crystal Palace has played a great football in the house of an old England champion. Especially guests from South London have shown silence, desire and stability when Johnny Evans he used the ball Harvey Barnes and set the result. However, Lester's players did not show much other than what was seen at this stage …

Misha Batshuaji He opened a series of goals at the Pauer King Stadium. His first first in the first half comes to be an excellent recommendation for Chelsea, as it is more likely that Belgium will be rejected in the club's backbone since Stamford Bridge. If Chelsea lawyers do not find a miraculous way to avoid the one-year ban that has recently been forced on bringing players in the next year, Tribes become new "nine". Because, Gonzalo Iguain had to return to Turin in June after this suspension prohibited Chelsea even to renew loans, but also to implement agreed clauses previously. How Olivia Zirau contract expires a year, a Must Alvar A loan in Atletico will end in a year and a half, it's sure Chelsea will have to make use of it Batushui in the middle of the assault.

After that Evans Lester's plumbing was all nasty, everyone had instructed Vilfreda Zahe i Luke Milivojević. The fast assault attacked Lester's defense and solved the winner's problem with two regular movements, while Milivojevic by the 20th goal at the Kristal Palace gemgar came in the minute 81 minutes with a lime after that Evans faula nad Jeffrey Schlup in the penalty area. That is the target of Serbian You're looking for who definitely resolved all disputes about who points, though Zaha he had the last word. I missed, while the price continues to grow …

Premier League, Round 27


West Ham – Fulham 3: 1 (2: 1)
/ Čičarito 28, Diop 40, Antonio 90 – Babel 3 /

City of Cardiff – Watford 1: 5 (0: 1)
/ Bamba 82 – Deulofeu 18, 61, 63, Dini 73, 90 /


Barnli – Tottenham 2: 1 (0: 0)
/ Vud 57, Barns 83 – Kane 65 /

Bournemouth – Wolverhampton 1: 1 (1: 0)
/ King 14pen – Himenez 83pen /

Newcastle – Huddersfield 2: 0 (0: 0)
/ Rondon 46, Perez 52 /

Leicester City – Crystal Palace 1: 4 (0: 1)
/ Evans 64 – Batsuaji 40, Zaha 70, 90 + 4, Milivojevic 81 cosb /

15.05: (1.50) Arsenal (4.30) Southampton (6.50)
15.05: (2.95) Manchester United (3.35) Lerpwl (2.40)

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Photo: Reuters

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