Bane Colak to Zerina Hećo they are still in the reluctance, and according to every likelihood that they will not come to conciliation.

"Suddenly, the great, holy love and" I will give these children to "turn in" you do not have to touch and stimulate. "Not a loan. What were the people? do it there and your pre-girlfriend so you went over everything " says Bane.

"So I'll leave them. And that's nice talking. I did not cross anyone," I'll correct by Zerina.

"I do. Girls did everything for me, so I've been over for a lot. I'm on my own, and I may have broken this before. I do not know why I am continue. I understand that I've done something bad, but that's how you behave … You do not give me a hand, as I kill a man and you . I do not know how you think we are dealing with more serious problems if you do not give me a finger for this. You're sorry to behave. I'm just a little bit of attention look for it, and you act like I've been restored. Why, and Zerina, I do not need this anymore ", Colak was honest.

"My behavior is a mirror of his behavior. I think I'm doing great. You're all sealed. We will never be like us, we are not with each other ", she was determined by Zerina.

"Okay, then why do you give me a false hope and come back to my bed? You tell me we're not together and I'll go to & # 39; I'm sorry until they take me to a psychologist. I'll settle there with them. I do not think I'm staying with someone I love, having planned for children and the future " obviously in Colak.