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Automotive self-esteem is not reliable Mercedes Tesla Motors Volvo Nisan


Of the four system of support for famous manufacturers drivers, Tesla only passed the tests. Conclusion: they have a future, but with the driver

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The Association of North America Auto Clubs (AAA) shows that eThe electronic systems for assisting the driver when driving the car on the road do not always keep the vehicles in the traffic lane and do not always register at the time of the obstruction to avoid collision.

So, the AAA warns drivers not to think that because of these systems that their own vehicles can automatically activate, and when these devices are in place, they must be prepared to take the control consistently.

The AAA also says that car manufacturers use the word "pilot"in the name of these systems, it can tell drivers to believe that their actual vehicles can control themselves.

"These systems have been designed to help drive, they are not autonomous, despite their propaganda", says Greg Branon, AAA Director for Car Design Monitoring. "Obviously, the word" pilot "in the title can suggest driving without a driver's help, but this is not the case at the level of development of these systems at the moment."

The results of the AAA tests published this week are also linked to a number of news reported widely about Tesla vehicle accidents with the system that the company calls "Autopilot". And the US State Security Committee (NTSB) is investigating some of those accidents, including March's deaths when Tesla's "Model X" fits the fence at the Mauntin Voyage in California.

The AAA tests are the ones that show that these systems can not solve all traffic situations, including those that are relatively common. In August, the Institute of Road Safety Insurers announced the results of tests that showed similar problems to these systems as well as AAA studies.

AAA experienced four vehicle systems with adaptable cruise control, a vehicle support system to track the traffic lane, moving between cutting lines, and an automatic emergency braking system.

It has two maps of this year – "Mercedes S Class" and "Horn Horn" (American X-Trail), "Tesla Model S" of 2017, and the new Volvo XC40 of the year produced 2019.

Tesla nominated his Autopilot, Volvo's Pilot Asist system, while Nessan called ProPilot Asist, who underlined it as a "professional help".

Generally, manufacturers say drivers tell their drivers that their cars can not completely control themselves, and that they should always be alert and ready to intervene, or have been designed to help the driver only.

Nisan said the name of his system included the word "help", stating that he had planned to help the driver.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz stressed that they do not encourage customers to ignore their responsibility as drivers, the maker wrote in a statement.

Tesla says he reminds drivers that they always hold their hands on the steering wheel. "Tesla has always made it clear that Autopilot does not make the car an accident immunity," said the company in an earlier announcement.

Only Volvo made comments on the name of his Pilot Support system.

AAA says they are the vehicles that were proven jumped from the traffic lanes and walked through the lines taken on August, had experienced problems with moderate traffic as well as patches and jams. Three of the four systems failed to avoid collision when the vehicle changed before their tape and when it was simulated to prevent the vehicle in front of it.

Since these systems did not just do this, drivers had to do something to avoid accidents, says Branon.

Only the Tesla system turned the vehicle completely into each of the five braking tests, while other driver assistants are required for other vehicle producers for timely stopping, according to the AAA report.

The manuals for car owners say that these systems are "restricted" when it comes to a vehicle and is changing the tape, the system does not register a second vehicle, stop on the A way forward, Branon said. He said that the researchers expected the vehicle registration system to stop and respond in due course.

However, Branon said that these systems, despite the shortcomings, they have "great potential" to save lives and to prevent the forces.

"Everything a good driver can rely on will improve security and systems and drivers", he said.

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