Thursday , May 26 2022

APV Assembly on Budget and Budget



In today's session, chaired by Igor Mirovic, the Provincial Government of Backa Topola gave the lost funds in the 25 million diners to complete the construction of the Student Home in Backa Topola.


Work on the construction of this facility began almost ten years ago, but they have not been completed and the facility is a non-service, the provincial government announced.

Assembly Vojvodina jpg

The facility is located near the Agricultural School in Bačka Topola, which is intended for 88 students.

In line with the principle of encouraging entrepreneurship and the overall economic development of AP Vojvodina and of great interest, the Provincial Government has allocated 25 million additional sources for the publication of a new tender for procurement costs subsidy raw materials to improve the business process and activities.

The provincial government has devoted 10 million dollars for the purchase of agricultural machinery and equipment, that is, to provide support for the return of internally displaced persons in the AP Kosovo and Metohija territory. This program will be implemented through the Refugee Assistance Fund, Displaced Persons and Disabled People.

The Mihajlo Pupan Prize is the most provincial prize, given to individuals for outstanding results in all areas of creativity, determined in the Vojvodina Assembly. Next week a commission for their allocation should be formed, and the first one should be presented on May 15th.

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