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Ana Sevic is attacking the father of Tywyll, here are the words that were crucial! | Telegraph


– Anna will be suing for Dark parents – said the lawyer's lawyer

Ana Sevic, Darko Lazic, parents

Darko Lazic's dad, Milan Lazic, died in Ana Sevic and said he was disappointed with his fun.

– It can be angry when it says badly, because it hurts the truth. The story is that he is in a good relationship with us, and that is not the case. She is not in touch with us, and she's trying to move it differently in public. He cheated on my son, and everyone knows that. If she was a real girl, she would not have separated. Come on, run. We all know when, what, and how much. That should not be said. She was ashamed of me, "said Milan Lazic, adding:

– I did not argue with her, but she tried to cheat everyone. I heard he was traveling around the world. Yes. She is a moderate and dangerous girl. We tolerate everything because of our son, we were a refuge and we did not want to fight, and this tolerance costs us a lot – said the father of Dark, who was well-known and rarely lost; What he did not see like a granddaughter.

Photo Milan Lazić: Nikola Tomić

– I called to hear the granddaughter, and Ana changed the phone number and we could not find it. His parents will not contact us. His mother gave us a message that the child was not with them. I'm not a fool to fuck me. They know my grandson would love me to listen. He would have told me straight away: "My dad, where niece, uncle, dad," and they are defending it. It is the power of the power and we all love her, and Ani is honored to protect her in contact with the child. Only my son will recover, and all this will come to himself. Many things will change – Milan Lazic has finished for "Kurir"

According to lawyer Ana Sevic, the singer intends to sue Dark parents.

– Anna is going to sue Dark parents. As an assistant to Mrs. Ana Sevic, I will repeat what was sent a few days ago to all editorial offices. Anyone who publishes incorrect and unsupported information about our client in the future will face appropriate court procedures and will have appropriate results according to the same. That is the case in this case. Everyone will take the legal results to demolish a reputation, bringing false and false information, as well as speech speech against Ana Sevic, said the attorney of the singer to Serbian Telegraph.

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