Friday , May 27 2022

ALEXANDER CONSIDER THE TY! Karadjordje nominated her daughter to throw out! | Sêr


Since last week in "Co-operative" who believed with Ivan Vrbaski, Karađorđe Subotić was a lack of his daughter's uncle, Aleksandra, so he returned by nominating her to pull out!

Take Panic, who was the leader of this week, had chosen Aleksandra Subotić and Min Vrbaški for their competitors, and the Joint Nominee's vote was voted. Aleksandra got tired and joined Suzana Perovic Blondi.

photo: Damir Dervišagić

– I'll send Alexander to go home. He should have a girl, "said Karadjordje, who shocked him in the Imaginary and the audience outside him.

photo: Vladimir Šporčić

– You want me to leave now. Thanks to you. Honestly, I come from your attention. Nobody here is as good as Mino. A good part of you is not good with her and do not think she is intelligent or smart. You're just a competition, "said Alexandra in her defense.

photo: Курир

( E. / Photo: Vladimir Šporčić, Damir Dervišagić)


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