Popular singer of Grand production, Aleksandra Mladenović, she does not hide that she has a number of aesthetic procedures. However, he decided to take cruel comments on the way.

She is not secret that she has acted her bronze and her lips, as she has confirmed, but she believes that he has the right to change what she is want and should not be interested in others.

As many negative comments were captured by many on their own instagram profile, Mladenovic was quite tough when he decided that the nations, who are related to his life, read a lesson:

"We will ask" people "to give the best to make false profiles to stimulate my physical appearance. It does not touch me, it's just waste time. My mouth, my heart, I wanted so he does not have to have the eyes that you are blameless. Get the time if you think you're being cared for me like that. I'm here to sing for people who likes to listen to me and respect my work, and if I have made some correction on my own, it's just my personal body. Do your life! Thanks for understanding ", a singer wrote his profile on the instagram.

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